Mugen Seiki MBX7 E2001

Mugen Seiki
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< Features >

v  3mm A7075 hard-anodized chassis

v  Lightweight spur and conical gears

v  Re-designed F/R upper & lower suspension arms and uprights

v  15mm hard-anodized threaded shock with optimized geometry

v  Shorten front shock body with re-designed F/R shock boots

v  5mm A7075 aluminum front shock tower with optimized geometry & 4mm A7075 aluminum rear shock towers

v  5mm A7075 aluminum suspension mounts for optimized geometry

v  Improved brake system (new brake cam F/R & linkage and brake disc)

v  Relocated molded composite receiver box & low-CG battery holder

v  Re-designed fuel tank with fuel pickup system & quick pull cap E0710 H.D. aluminum clutch shoes

v  Optimized steering geometry (New servo saver & steering plate & upright arm) Aerodynamically enhanced performance body

v  High down force wing & mount with slider system for more or less down force

< Technical Data >

v  Width - 309mm

v  Wheel Base - 315-320mm adjustable

v  Gear Ratio - 11.98:1

v  Weight - 3,370g


Other necessary equipment:

v  2ch Propo and 2 servo/Receiver Battery/21 Class Rear Exhaust Engine (only chassis kit) /Muffler/Manifold/Manifold Spring/Tire w/Wheel & Inner Foam/Engine Starter/Body paint tools/Fuel