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ARC R10 2013


ARC R10 2013

ARC R10 2013

ARC R10 Car Kit 2013 R100005

Team Titan
ARC R100005
Vikt: kg
Introduction offer ARC R10 2013

ARC R10 Car Kit 2013 R100005


ARC is proud to introduce the next evolution of our R10, the R10 2013. With the overall goal to improve upon chassis flex, lowering the center of gravity and reducing weight. Without sacrificing the strength and durability the R10 is known for.
Over the past 5 months we have been testing various prototype ideas around the world under a number of different conditions and events including TITC 2013 and the ROAR Indoor Nationals, with our first major wins in the Super Stock and Modified classes at the 2013 ROAR Indoor Nationals. We appreciate all the input from our drivers around the world who did testing and provided feedback.

Car type: 1/10 On-Road
Wheelbase: 190mm
  • Mottagare
  • Radio
  • Motor
  • Servo
  • ESC
  • Batteri
  • Laddare
  • Fälgar & Däck
  • Kaross
    The V2 floating servo mount is now
    standard on the R10 2013, this
    allows the servo to be suspended
    off the chassis, mounted to the
    centerline of the chassis, using 3
    screws to prevent servo float
    associated with some other
    designs. The top plate is keyed to
    the mount for a solid fit.

    The main bulkheads are symmetrical front and rear and have been further milled to reduce weight, without reducing the parts strength. The part has also been designed to aid in flex along the entire length of the chassis.

    The motor mount while retaining the same dimensions has had the profile lowered, and further milled to reduce weight. It also incorporates an additional hole for the motor screws, this allows full access to the motor screws while running large pinions required in higher turn spec classes.

    R109022 (OPTIONAL)

    Available as an OPTION for the R10
    2013 is a motor and layshaft bulkhead
    set that isolates the layshaft from the
    top deck. We call it the FLEX Motor
    bulkhead Part number R109022, it will
    give the car even more flex in the rear
    end , to help increase rear bite. It
    utilizes a smaller ball bearing
    supporting the spur shaft, which
    also helps to lower the CG

    R10 2013 features all new short big bore shocks; the bore has been increased from 10.0mm into 11.2mm to maintain a similar volume of shock oil. The front and rear shocks are different lengths, the new front shocks are 8.5mm shorter, while the rear shocks are 7.0mm shorter in comparison to the R10 shocks.

    The ARC R10 2013 big bore short shock compared
    to the standard R10 shock. The original shocks are
    66mm in length, while the R10 2013 Front shocks
    are a mere 57.5mm long with the Rear shocks at
    59.0mm. This lowers the cars COG, without any
    negative handling effects due to maintaining the
    same volume of oil inside the larger bore shock
    body, and more compact plastics.

    Not only has the bore of the shock been increased,
    but we have also redesigned the shock caps and
    the top of the shock body so that the shock bladder
    can be placed directly on top of the shock body
    while building, to help aid in building the shocks
    more consistently and with far less rebound. The top
    ring around the shock body also prevents the shock
    cap from being over tightened. The shock body
    retains the super hard Teflon coating, providing an
    extremely smooth operation.

    The shock bladder has also been redesigned in
    shape and hardness, allowing consistent shock
    building, operation of the shock, and much easier
    to set the desired amount of rebound.

    To help with the shorter length
    of the shock, we have also
    redesigned all the plastic
    shock parts.

    All New short spring set
    Designed to compliment the new ARC big bore short shocks, the R10 2013 shock set includes five (5) spring rates, from 0.22G (Silver) through to 0.30G (Yellow) in 0.02G increments, to allow for fine tuning of your cars handling.




    <----- Old

    <----- New

    To accommodate the new short big bore shocks, the R10 2013 incorporates new shock towers, which have been lowered by 7mm, this not only lowers the CG significantly, but also allows the use of low profile 2 door sports car body shells allowed in some race series throughout the world without modification.

    One of the most significant changes on
    the R10 2013 is the all new 2.25mm full
    Graphite chassis. The thickness has been
    reduced from 2.50mm, which not only
    reduces weight, but also promotes
    additional flex. The shape of the chassis
    has been developed to promote stability
    but also increased steering to allow the
    R10 2013 to maintain more corner speed.
    Battery tape slots have been added to the
    centerline of the chassis, across the middle
    of the battery pack, using these mounting
    points allows the chassis to flex
    independently to the battery, much in the
    same way as the floating servo mount to
    promote consistent handling and overall
    increased grip, while the adjustable
    battery hooks from the R10 have been
    maintained to prevent the battery moving
    in case of an accident. All tests have
    shown a reduction in lap times when
    compared with the standard R10 chassis

    ARC R10 Conversion Kit 2013 R100004

    Team Titan
    Vikt: kg

    ARC R10 Conversion Kit 2013 R100004

    An easy and cost effective way for current R10 owners to upgrade your R10 to the new 2013 specifications

    The ARC R10 2013 carries over the suspension and driveline components from the R10, allowing easy upgrade for current R10 users to retain their spare parts, and the confidence for new R10 2013 users in the proven geometry and durability of the suspension and driveline components.

    R100004 R10 2013 Conversion Kit - An easy and cost effective way for current R10 owners to upgrade your R10 to the new 2013 specifications.