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OBS: Datum för produkt lansering är inte bestämt ännu, var vänlig "bookmark" denna sida

Celero X1 is the first professional telemetry system dedicated to the radio controlled model car racing with real-time display of speed and engine temperature.

Celero X1 is a passive one-way telemetry that by using the most advanced technology placed on the car, collects data on vehicle speed and engine temperature and transmits them in real time on Smartphones or tablet PCs which allow viewing via dedicated graphic interface. The application will be available via the appropriate application stores .

Celero X1 provides an objective analysis of the setting of the model car and the setting of the engine, providing the vehicle speed for each curve of the track and the actual temperature of the engine at each point of the circuit.

Celero brings within the RC the world technologies also used by the World Superbike and F1 teams to get more and more closer to the high level of performance required in competitions.

With its aluminum case, Celero X1 is a minimally invasive and robust device whose dimensions were assessed in development so as not to interfere with the functionality and mechanics of the vehicle.

Celero X1 includes a GPS receiver and a temperature sensor.